Council Documents

Annual Return 2018-19 – Conclusion of Audit 2019

Shalford PC – Code of Conduct

Shalford PC – Standing Orders 2018

Shalford PC – Financial regulations 2019

Shalford PC – GDPR Privacy policy

Shalford PC – Cemetery rules and regulations 

Shalford PC – Cemetery fees – Shalford Cemetery fees 2019-20

Allotment rules and regulations – Bradstone Brook

Allotment rules and regulations  – Broadford Road

Allotment registration form – here

Disclosable interests –   Cllr A Cansell      Cllr L Davies    Cllr S Dunford     Cllr N Keane

Cllr A Midgley    Cllr D Semple   Cllr T Wolfenden    Cllr B Hughes