Meeting Dates 2017

The Agenda for the next meeting will appear one week beforehand. Draft minutes will be published roughly two weeks after the meeting date. The approved minutes are published after the next meeting – for example the approved minutes for May will appear shortly after the June meeting.

Please Note: All meetings commence at 7.30pm.                                                                        


26 January – Shalford Village Hall  Minutes

23 February – Chilworth Village Hall Minutes

23 March – Shalford Village Hall Minutes

06 April – Annual Assembly Shalford Village Upper Hall

20 April – Peasmarsh Village Hall Minutes

25 May (AGM) – Shalford Village Hall Minutes

22 June – Shalford Village Hall Minutes

20 July – Chilworth Village Hall Minutes

18th August  Brookswood Pavilion Planning Committee Minutes

18th August Brookswood Pavilion Brookswood Field Committee Agenda

14 September – Peasmarsh Village Hall Minutes

11th October – Cemetery Committee

19 October – Shalford Village Hall Minutes

16 November – Chilworth Village Hall Draft Minutes

4 December PC Office Finance meeting Agenda

14 December – Shalford Village Hall  Minutes

next meeting is on 25th January 2018 at Shalford Village Hall Draft Minutes