Archived Minutes

Here are the minutes from our meetings this year. Draft minutes will be published roughly two weeks after the meeting date. The approved minutes are published after the next meeting – for example the approved minutes for May will appear shortly after the June meeting. Click on the link beside the month you wish to view.

December 2014: SPC_Minutes_2014_12_18

November 2014: SPC_Minutes_2014-11-20

October 2014: SPC_Minutes_2014-10-23

September 2014: SPC Minutes 2014-09-11

July 2014: SPC_Minutes_2014-07-24

June 2014: SPC_Minutes_2014-06-26

May 2014: SPC_Minutes_2014-05-22

April 2014: SPC_Minutes_2014-04-24

March 2014: SPC_Minutes_2014-03-27

February 2014: SPC_Minutes_2014-02-20

January 2014: SPC_Minutes_2014-01-23