St Mary’s Church Boundary Wall Repair Project

St Mary’s Church Boundary Wall Repair Project


At the meeting of the Full Council on Thursday 19th March it was agreed that the council would apply for borrowing from the Public Works Loan Board (PWLB) of £25,000 to be repaid over 10 years. The Council is extremely pleased that the cost of the Church Wall repairs had been confirmed considerably lower than expected with the total cost of the project coming in at just under £85,000. This means that the loan to complete the work would be much less than originally estimated and would not impact on the council precept as it could be covered from the existing budget. This also means that other projects that had been put on hold would now be able to go ahead in the new financial year


The Parish Council had a very useful Consultation morning with residents on Saturday outlining the proposals for repairs to the church boundary wall. Those who attended were positive about the proposals and keen to see particularly the worst parts of the wall repaired as soon as possible. There was some concern about the impact of traffic along the A281 whilst work is carried out on the East Wall. It was confirmed that the intention was to complete this part of the work during the school summer holidays to reduce the impact on local residents and through traffic. The council met to review the tenders ahead of the consultation and were pleased that the expected fees for carrying out the work had come in much lower than expected. This means that the borrowing requirement would be much lower than originally suggested and therefore would not impact on the parish precept. Once all the figures have been fully reviewed the council will confirm the exact amount of borrowing needed to complete the repair works


The parish council is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the boundary wall at St Mary’s Church The Street Shalford and has been for almost 100 years under the rules of Closed Churchyards. At that time the church yard at St Mary’s Church became full and unable to take any further burials. The law stated that in such circumstances the repair and maintenance of the churchyard would fall to the local parish council and Shalford parish council has carried out that duty ever since out of its annual budget funded by residents through the precept.

Over the last 18 months we have been considering how best to carry out a major repair and restoration of significant parts of the wall to the highest standard and in the most cost effective way for residents and have now reached a decision on how to progress this project

Please read the attached report to find out more about what we are proposing and please join us on 7th March 2020 between 10am and midday at St Mary’s Church to fully understand the nature of the project

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